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Quit Smoking with Imagine Laser Works

So you’re considering quitting smoking? Amazing!

Imagine Laser Works is exclusive to Layers Wellness, and has been around for over 20 years with a success rate of 94%!
Imagine Laser works off the same body pressure points as reflexology and acupuncture. Primarily using points on the ear, face, and leg, the non-damaging laseruses low-level light and electric currents stimulate and activate these acupuncture points.
The laser is held on each point for about one minute, and the treatment as a whole takes about one hour.
The points we target for smoking cessation are those linked primarily with aspects of smoking addiction, withdrawal symptoms and smoking related health issues. It is also aids with anxiety and weight gain.
This will aid in greatly reducing or eliminating the cravings and the negative symptoms of quitting smoking (i.e. mood swings, irritability, depression etc.).
Imagine Laser Works is not like anything else in smoking cessation, as it has zero side affects, and only one treatment is needed to help you quit smoking!
The cost of the treatment is less than most smokers spend on cigarettes in a month.
We do, however, offer boosters which are similar but shorter treatments used to help you if you do feel you are going to smoke again after your treatment. These are only effective if you haven’t smoked after your initial treatment.
Layers will provide you with additional support and info on how to cope with old smoking habits and trigger times (i.e. after meals, morning coffee etc.)
Imagine Laser Works is the most effective way to quit smoking. It’s a hard addiction to kick, but it can be done! The laser will greatly increase your chance of success.
Please call us if you have any questions – we want you to quit!
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