#1 Weight Loss Center in Fort McMurray – September 2013

Dear Valued Customer,

We would like to extend a HUGE thank-you to all our clients who voted us number one weight loss center in Wood Buffalo in the Connect Readers Choice Awards! We are very appreciative of all our wonderful clients who are soulful, mindful and willful. We love working with all of you and will continue to strive towards making everyone of your visits a Gold visit.

“We miss 100% of the shots that we do not take”- Wayne Gretzky

Person of Inspiration
Denise Patey

The staff at Back on Track would like to commend and congratulate a fabulous individual who is mindful, willful and soulful: Denise Patey.

Denise worked as a fire fighter for many years and has always had a passion for life. After many years of practicing yoga, Denise embarked with great courage to follow her passion and take the leap to become a certified yoga instructor. We all admire Denise and the courage it take to follow a true passion. Her warm and friendly personality is a perfect fit to our yoga instructing team at Back on Track. She is teaching at Back on Track on Wednesday nights at 7pm, and Thursday nights at 7:30pm.


What do the Montreal Canadians and Back on Track have in common? Essentrics!
Back on Track is proud to be the only facility in Fort McMurray offering Essentrics!
Essentrics has become the new sensation in the fitness circuit. Essentrics combines strengthening, flexibility, and balance to enhance fitness performance.
The Montreal Canadians and many other professional athletes are using Essentrics to enhance their performance and prevent injury. Check out
Click on the link for the entire story and pictures Montreal Canadians and Essentrics
Come to Back on Track to try this unique way to strengthen, tone, and increase flexibility. Don’t forget your first fitness class at Back on Track is only $10!!!

Our New Lifestyle Program – Fit Metabolism!

We’re happy to announce that we have partnered with Fit Metabolism, based out of Calgary, AB, for our new weight loss and lifestyle program. The FitMethod is all about healthy, sustainable weight loss. No starvation…no gimmicks…no counting calories. We are staffed with exceptionally knowledgeable people and scientifically based system customized to your body.

Metabolism Testing – Not ordinary metabolism testing, this gold-standard assessment determines not only your resting metabolic rate, but just how efficient your metabolism is as well. It’s this all-important number that gives us a foundation to build your customized weight loss food plan.

FitFood & Cardio Fat Loss Program – Using the results of the metabolic testing, we create a workable weight loss food plan based on your lifestyle and social needs. This is not about sacrifice or depriving yourself. This is a natural progression from your current diet to a healthier one using the foods you love to eat. On the menu… three meals a day, plus up to three snacks. Suffice it to say… you won’t go hungry! In addition, you’ll have your own at-home, cardiovascular weight loss exercise plan to maximize your results.

Weight Loss Coaching – Your health coach is here for so much more than accountability. Sure, that’s part of the process, but we truly get excited when we see you reaching your goals. You’ll quickly find out that your coach is a trusted and knowledgeable friend who is here to provide compassion and support for your journey and beyond.

Biological Age Assessment – Did you know that poor fitness is the number-one predictor of mortality? What’s more, your biological age and your chronological age usually don’t match. For example, while your body might be 42 years old, your biological factors (weight, activity level, etc.) could actually make you look, feel and behave as if you’re 59. This biological age assessment helps us determine just how old you really are, so we can help you counteract the effects of premature aging.

Please feel free to ask us about our exciting new program next time you are in the store.

The importance of Journaling

Have you ever wondered why the coaches for Ideal Protein ask to bring your journal in every week? It’s quite simple actually, your journal can tell us a lot about your week, regardless of if there is a gain or loss on the scale. The journal can help you and the coaches work through any questions you may have had during the week. It can also be a good indicator of why there was a significant loss, a gain or why you have suddenly hit a plateau. Using the journal will help your coach and you work through the program and make it more enjoyable experience. If you bite it you write it. Studies have shown that people who food journal, while on a weight loss program, will lose twice as much as somebody who doesn’t journal.

Journaling will also be a helpful tool once you start going into the maintenance phases of the program. You are more likely to keep the weight off if you continue to journal after you lose the weight.

The journals are free at Back on Track so please feel free to ask for one when you’re in for your next weigh and measurement appointment.