Carpe Diem – August 2013 Newsletter

Dear Valued Customer,
CARPE DIEM means “Seize the Day,” and that is the attitude to take when enjoying a Fort Mcmurray summer….. or just life!  With summers short but sweet here in Fort McMurray make the most out of everyday by getting out, getting involved and taking time for you!  On that note I would like to celebrate two Back on Track employees who have Seized the Day and made the most out of their summer.

Jeanne Crandall has completed her certification to teach Essentrics.  Essentrics is a workout that improves posture, core strength and joint mobility. This class is exclusive to Back on Track and Jeanne is the first teacher to be certified in Fort McMurray!

Ashleigh Bellefontaine is known for her yoga instruction, but no longer!  As of August Ashleigh will have completed her TRX suspension training and will gladly SEIZE you in one of her dynamic TRX flow classes!




Person of Inspiration

Erika Hein

The staff at Back on Track would like to commend and congratulate a fabulous individual who is mindful, willful and soulful: Erika Hein. Erika began the program last March 2012 and successfully lost 45 lbs within 5 months. After taking a diet hiatus, like so many do, Erika returned to Back on Track still down 28 pounds from her original weight. With determination and perseverance Erika began the second leg of her journey. It was not an easy go. She pushed through slow initial losses and has now achieved a weight she has not seen in over 25 years. Within 10 pounds of her goal and 75lbs already lost, soon to be married, and with a clean bill of health she continues to inspire us as coaches, friends, and great admirers.



Our Baby BOOM!
Services we are proud to offer to expecting and new mom’s
How can you ignore those cute little fingers and toes everywhere you go in Fort McMurray! Here at Back on Track we know that being pregnant and having a child can be the happiest time in life and also a stressful time. We offer many services that can help relieve some of those stresses. We offer prenatal massage, pre and postnatal yoga, Reaction Therapy that can help with skin tightening after baby is born, as well as our fitness and weight loss programs to help get those extra few pounds off when the baby has arrived. Keep in mind that our Ideal Protein program can’t be used by mom’s who are breast feeding but our Fit Metabolism program can.

Our New Lifestyle Program – Fit Metabolism!

We’re happy to announce that we have partnered with Fit Metabolism, based out of Calgary, AB, for our new weight loss and lifestyle program.

The FitMethod is all about healthy, sustainable weight loss. No starvation…no gimmicks…no counting calories. We are staffed with exceptionally knowledgeable people and scientifically based system customized to your body.Metabolism Testing – Not ordinary metabolism testing, this gold-standard assessment determines not only your resting metabolic rate, but just how efficient your metabolism is as well. It’s this all-important number that gives us a foundation to build your customized weight loss food plan.

FitFood & Cardio Fat Loss Program – Using the results of the metabolic testing, we create a workable weight loss food plan based on your lifestyle and social needs. This is not about sacrifice or depriving yourself. This is a natural progression from your current diet to a healthier one using the foods you love to eat. On the menu… three meals a day, plus up to three snacks. Suffice it to say… you won’t go hungry! In addition, you’ll have your own at-home, cardiovascular weight loss exercise plan to maximize your results.

Weight Loss Coaching – Your health coach is here for so much more than accountability. Sure, that’s part of the process, but we truly get excited when we see you reaching your goals. You’ll quickly find out that your coach is a trusted and knowledgeable friend who is here to provide compassion and support for your journey and beyond.

Biological Age Assessment – Did you know that poor fitness is the number-one predictor of mortality? What’s more, your biological age and your chronological age usually don’t match. For example, while your body might be 42 years old, your biological factors (weight, activity level, etc.) could actually make you look, feel and behave as if you’re 59. This biological age assessment helps us determine just how old you really are, so we can help you counteract the effects of premature aging.

Please feel free to ask us about our exciting new program next time you are in the store.



The importance of Omega 3

After much research, scientists have identified the group of essential fatty acids that was lacking in North American nutrition: Omega 3. Some of the health problems that have been directly linked to Omega 3 deficiencies are Crohn’s disease, diabetes, cancer, allergies, depression, aging, PMS, dry skin and many more.

Omega 3 consumption can help with many things in our life and this is why Omega 3 is now included in the Ideal Protein diet plan. This is a welcome change for the program as it can help with weight problems. Back on Track with Barb is now carrying Omega 3 and will be offered to you on your next visit.

If you have any questions about Omega 3 please feel free to ask us about it next time you’re in.