Layers 12 Week Transformation Challenge in Fort McMurray

The 12 Week Transformation Challenge-Info Night Feb 16th 6-8pm

This challenge is open to anybody who wants to make lifestyle changes and willing to commit to a 12 week program to see results!! Summer bodies here we come!!

Layers 12 Week Transformation Challenge

The transformation challenge will begin the week of Feb 27 and the last weigh/measurements will be during the week of May 14

To qualify you must train with a layers wellness personal trainer at least once a week for 12 weeks.

  • Submit before and after pictures and measurements
  • Submit a testimonial at the end of the challenge
  • Participate in a social media vote (face book) at the end

During the first week of the challenge there will be personal training discounts and we encourage you to come to the information night to meet both trainers AND sign up for the challenge. The information nights are always free, and beverages always served.

Call (780) 750-6888 or email info(at)layerswellness(dot)com for more information.

The “Welcome Back To Fort McMurray Layers Family” Party

Jenn from Layers Fam-Fort McMurry

Big shout out to Jenn for hosting an AMAZING Layers Wellcome back Fort McMurray party!

Layers Fam at Layers-Dog love

Big thanks to Henry for coming and entertaining us.

Layers Fam Layers Pool Party Read more

Share the Love – July 2015 Newsletter


Set your summer up for success.

With summer upon us, it is a great time to get outside and enjoy your local getaways with friends, family or just a little you time!

People look forward to the break from their regular work routines and family schedules, however the lack of structure can also cause us to over indulge. This can be extremely stressful and make the summer a little less enjoyable.

Please take the time to set yourself up for summer success. Just like planning and packing the sunscreen, sun hats, water bottles and the bug spray to make your summer outings safe and stress free, planning and packing our food can make the summer stress free!

Check out our tips to help you stay on track this summer! Safe Travels!!

Warm regards,

Barb Henning
Owner/Weight Loss Coach

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Our summer specials give you the most bang for your buck.


We appreciate your dedication to the Ideal Protein program and your loyalty to Layers!
For that we have introduced our Buy 14 get the 15th box FREE Ideal Protein loyalty program!
Next time you’re in buying food we’ll give you your loyalty card.


Share the love of Layers Wellness. Bring a friend who’s new to Layers and you BOTH receive 50% off a Hydra Facial or an O2 Facial lift.
Get glowing summer ready skin with your best gal pal and even have enough money left over for a nice little lunch date together. Now that sounds like a good day to us!


Body contouring and cellulite treatments are buy one and get one free.
Perhaps you want to remove cellulite on those pesky thighs but also want to treat the abdominal area, now choosing both is possible with such a discounted rate.
* For a limited time only, while quantities last. 



Try before you buy night of fun.

Wednesday, July 8 | 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Join us on for a lovely night of Ideal Protein tasting.
We will have samples of the foods from Ideal Protein as well as some of the foods that you can make with their recipe books. We all have items on Ideal that we would like to try before we buy, this is your chance to try everything out for free!


Safe and effective treatments for your skin.


Layers Wellness is happy to announce that Jen Farrell and Emma Mason have completed their Vbeam training and are now certified!
The Vbeam Perfecta laser is a medical grade laser that specializes in diffusing redness and vessels such as spider veins. Get your legs summer ready and get rid of those unsightly veins!


Tips and tricks for the healthiest summer yet.

We all love summer. The sun, beaches, tans, BBQ’s and all of the other wonderful celebrations that summer brings. How can you not love it?

Here at Layers we understand that summer is limited time and we love to enjoy every minute of it. We also understand that it can be a hard time for dieters. Here are a few tips to help you avoid a gain of weight this summer.

  • Try adding foods instead of avoiding them! It’s hard to always be the one at the party saying “I can’t eat that” so instead, try adding foods to your plate such as veggies. Always saying no is hard, try saying yes! The positive spin will help you feel like you’re participating in the event.
  • You bite it you write it!!! It’s so easy to grab a handful of chips or a mouthful of cake, but that stuff adds up. So if you bite it you write it down. At the end of the day you’re being honest with yourself and will know exactly what you are putting in your body.
  • Hydrate! Drink water, lots of it! Especially during the hot summer months when we need more of it. Try drinking water before a meal to try and settle your hunger and you don’t overeat. Keep a water bottle with you where ever you go so that you get the 8 or more glasses a day that is recommended.
  • Go Dutch on dinner plates! Going on summer holidays is great but sometimes it causes us to be eating out more than usual. When you’re out for dinner, try splitting the meal with somebody. Restaurants typically give us enough food for 2 people on one plate. What a perfect way to cut the cost of the holiday!
  • Grab smaller plates and glasses for the RV. Because people consume an average of 92% of what they serve themselves, larger plates lead to larger food intake. A two inch difference in plate diameter-from 12 to 10 inch plates-would result in servings 22% lower in calories, on average, yet it is not drastic enough to trigger a counteracting response. If a typical dinner has 800 calories, a smaller plate would lead to a weight loss of around 18 lbs. per year for the average adult
  • When you know you’ll be flying to a destination, try ordering your meal online when booking your ticket. Then you won’t have to flip through that book of snacks and try and decide which one you want. And when you’re driving to destinations, try packing a cooler instead of having to stop and eat at fast food restaurants.