Celebrate Yourself! – March 2015 Newsletter


Barb’s Blog

Feeling tired is not always a bad thing

If feeling tired is a catalyst to change, then to me that is a good thing. You often hear people speak of how bad events, uneasy or negative feelings or even illness was an important thing because of what they learned and the growth they experienced personally, or how it was a catalyst for change.

I find so many of our clients move forward and make positive changes with their lives and lifestyles. They all start at different places with different challenges and situations but have commonality in perseverance and drive for change. We may feel we are alone, but know many have similar journeys.

Warm regards,
Barb Henning
Owner/Weight Loss Coach

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Drawing Inspiration

A testimonial from Mary Fudge

“In February, 2014, after recently losing my father and dealing with other personal struggles, I was feeling depressed and hopeless.

“I decided that I needed to make some positive changes in my life.”

I was very tired, and felt that this was partly due to my weight. I decided to try the Ideal Protein diet and soon the weight loss started! This program felt easy to follow, and I was motivated to keep focused because I was accountable to my coaches at Layers Wellness. The program itself is very convenient, and I enjoyed the large variety of foods available. After 10 months of Ideal Protein, I am down a total of 90lbs and 63.5 inches!

I feel like I have come out of my shell; I am more outgoing and social, and happier with my new positive outlook on life. I realize that I must continue to be mindful about my wellness for the rest of my life, and I am now enjoying regular exercise, cooking healthier and smaller meals.”

– Mary Fudge


 Calling All Former Ideal Protein Clients!

We welcome anyone who wants to restart the Ideal Protein Protocol. There is no charge, no questions and no judging! We have restarted many clients recently, and we are happy to inform you that they are getting great results.
To keep that weight off we have a brand new program that helps create a new lifestyle to match the new you with FitMetabolism.
 Also be sure to tune into our new lifestyle programs we are launching in the spring.
To book, call (780) 750-6888 or visit us online at www.LayersWellness.com