Men’s Spa Services

A dedicated line of services specifically for men to have the opportunity for a remarkable experience at Layers Wellness & Spa.

Introducing Men’s Spa Services at Layers!

Just like our female guests, we know that men desire a relaxing break from the stresses of life. Step into the calming atmosphere of Layers Wellness & Spa and invest in some well-deserved “me time.” The treatments below are tailored to our male clientele, including facials, hand & foot treatments and waxing. Scroll down to see how you can bundle these services for a great price!


Men‘s Hand Treatment: The ’Man’cure

75 mins – $105.00

This Hand Treatment for men aims to restore tired hands and eliminate all rough edges working hands may have. The treatment begins with soaking the hands, followed by nail care, including trimming, filing, and shaping. The hands are then scrubbed to exfoliate dry and dead skin. A hand massage follows to increase circulation and relax sore muscles, and the treatment concludes with an application of paraffin wax to hydrate dry skin.

Men‘s Foot Treatment

90 mins – $110.00

This Foot Treatment is customized to revitalize the working feet of men! The treatment starts with a soak in the antibacterial copper basins, followed by an exfoliating foot scrub to eliminate rough, dry skin. You then recline in one of our NeuroSpa chairs. The zero gravity relaxes the central nervous system to alleviate stress in the body. The esthetician performs toenail trimming, shaping, filing, and callous care, followed by buffing the heels. A foot massage helps increase circulation, reduce inflammation, and relax hard-working leg muscles. To complete the foot treatment, the esthetician applies a paraffin wax to the feet to lock in moisture and help prevent dehydration.

Men‘s Cleansing Facial

75 mins – $140.00

The main purpose of the Men’s Cleansing Facial is to extract and exfoliate impurities within the skin. The facial starts with a deep cleanse, followed by exfoliating dead skin on the face. The esthetician applies hot towels to the face to open up the pores and removes impurities further with extractions. They apply a mask to remove any remaining oil and dirt on the face. While the mask is sitting, the esthetician provides a neck, shoulder, and arm massage. Lastly, they apply products to prevent breakouts and moisturize!

Gentlemen’s Personalized Facial

75 mins – $155.00

This personalized facial rejuvenates the skin on the face, neck, and shoulders while addressing any present skin concerns. The fully-customized service begins with a consultation to determine which products will best benefit your concerns. The esthetician then cleanses and exfoliates the skin, applying hot towels to open up pores for a barbershop feeling and to release congestion in the skin. Extractions are performed where needed to clear clogged pores. Following that, the esthetician will conduct a massage on the face, neck, and shoulders to increase circulation and improve elasticity. A mask suited for your skin needs is applied, and an arm massage is performed. The esthetician then applies any product that will help with skin concerns, and brow maintenance completes the facial.

Gentlemen’s Grooming Back Treatment

90 mins – $200.00

The Back Treatment addresses congested skin on the back and helps with uneven tone and texture while restoring moisture within the skin. The esthetician first cleanses the back and exfoliates dead and dry skin. Then, hot towels are placed over the back to open pores. The esthetician performs extractions to remove all unwanted debris in the skin. Next, a back massage follows to increase circulation and relieve sore and tired muscles. A mask is applied afterward to draw out impurities, and a leg massage is provided while the mask sits on the skin. Once the mask is removed, the Esthetician applies any recommended skincare!

Men’s Waxing Services

45-60 mins

  • Back & Upper Arms
  • Chest & Upper Arms

The King’s Package


• 60-minute Massage
• Gentlemen’s Personalized Facial

Working Hands & Feet Package


• Men’s Foot Treatment
• Men’s Hand Treatment