Our Biggest Change Yet! – November 2014 Newsletter

Barb’s Blog

With our transition from Back on Track Health and Wellness to Layers Wellness, we’ve made some bold, courageous changes, just like our clients make every day! Changing our name came on the heels of some of the great services and staff members we have added, and others that we are sorry to say goodbye to. Our amazing new services can be viewed on our new website at www.LayersWellness.com. Not only can you view all of our services on the website, but bookings for all services can be made online.

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Warm regards,
Barb Henning
Owner/Weight Loss Coach

Why Layers?

A common thread that permeates throughout our weight loss programs, massage therapy and our cutting edge and results-driven aesthetic treatments is the concept of Layers. In massage, our therapists treat different layers of muscle and body tissue. Our aesthetic services work on the different layers of skin to give the best results. With weight loss, our coaching facilitates lifestyle and behavioural changes, therefore addressing a deeper layer of self.

At Layers, we reach far deeper than the surface, helping you to achieve a fresh, balanced and beautiful you.

Please come in and meet some of our new staff, welcome back returning staff and say hello to our long-term staff.

Who’s New, Who’s Returning, and the New Services at Layers!

Jen Farrell is our new esthetician. She is a licensed and certified esthetician and laser technician. She is trained on many treatments exclusive to Layers such as Hydrafacial and eyebrow extensions. All of Jen’s treatments start with a silica supplement to treat your skin from the inside out!
Alison Duffell RMT is returning from maternity leave. Alison’s clients are excited to see her return to work. She currently works Monday and Tuesday nights. Book online at www.LayersWellness.com/Booking.
Katharine Haywood RMT has joined us from Tundra Physical Therapy and is also returning from maternity leave. Her clients are also excited about her return, and she is welcoming new clients as well.
Paul Crisp RMT joins us from Calgary. Paul has worked with many CFL and NHL athletes as well as Olympians. He is quickly building his clientele and works weekends in addition to weekdays and evenings for our client’s convenience.
Penny Gardner RMT has joined us at Layers Wellness from Stillbrook Spa. Penny has 3 years of massage experience and is looking forward to working with her new and former clients.
Learn more about our fantastic staff at