Spin It to Win It – September 2015 Newsletter


Spin It to Win It!

I wanted to focus this month on CHANGE, so how did I come up with the title “Spin It to Win It”? Read on!

Change can be scary for some, unwelcoming for many, and hard for most. Changes in our environment, lifestyle, emotions and habits take us out of our comfort zone and challenge our confidence, security and routines. Barb-Yellow

Our team at Layers is here to help you navigate through the scary world of change and put a different spin on viewing things that are outside your comfort zone. Think of us as your agents of change, spin doctors (or my favourite), spin sisters!

Spin 1 Fall

Lets spin the dreaded change from carefree, relaxing summer months to fall, followed much too closely by the long, cold, dark months of winter. Fall can be looked at as the end of summer with shorter day light hours, cooler mornings and a loss of fun loving summer activities. It is the lead into winter! Here I will spin it to win it and look at fall this way. I only have to mow my lawn twice a month, not every week, when I get up to teach my 6:00am spin class no one can see how ghastly I look and I can take the most amazing bug free walks through the trails and am left breathless at the beauty of the fall colours! Winning It!

Spin 2 Restrictions in Diet

Clients who are making changes to their weight are at times resentful of the restrictions to their food choices they make. Us spin sisters are there to open up the world of “can’t have” to “can have”.  A loss of weight can get you more energy, a better night’s sleep, a bigger wardrobe, maybe even a decrease in medication. Spin It to Win It!

There are so many countless ways to use this principle and we at Layers use this technique everyday to help facilitate, motivate, coach and support desired lifestyle changes.

We invite you to spin with us and let us help you to embrace change!

Warm regards,

Barb Henning

Owner/Weight Loss Coach


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Mark your calendars! It’s coming soon!

Please join us at Layers Wellness on September 28th from 6:00pm – 9:00pm for our Open House!

Demonstrations with our new medical grade laser, the VBeam, will be given by our trained aestheticians and our VBeam representative will be on hand to answer any questions.

There will be snacks, beverages, giveaways and, of course, lots of laughs. We look forward to seeing you on September 28th.



Blonde hair doesn’t stand a chance!

You may or may not have seen our newsletter for August, but we are happy to announce that Jen has been trained, and completed her practicum hours, in electrolysis! We are seeing great results with electrolysis and our clients are thrilled that they no longer have to worry about those pesky hairs!

Book your free consultation with Jen today!



Your monthly special here for a limited time only.

For the month of September we are offering an Illuminating Facial for 10% off!

This comprehensive treatment combines the latest innovations in skin lightening technology to correct all forms of hyper pigmentation without irritating the skin.

Call today to book your Illuminating Facial!

Jessica Gatt is our very own Doctor of Chinese Medicine.

Raise your hand if you have ever had acupuncture? Ok great! Now raise your hand if you have had acupuncture or been treated by a Doctor of Chinese Medicine? Not so much? That’s what we thought.
Here at Layers Wellness we boast about having our very own Doctor of Chinese Medicine (DCM) on staff. Jessica Gatt doesn’t just stick some needles in you and hope for results. She has graduate with her DCM and can do much more than just needling. A treatment with Jessica, our Doctor of Chinese medicine is much more than acupuncture.
Call (780) 750-6888 today or book online  at www.LayersWellness.com for a free consultation.


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