Tackling Holiday Temptations – November 2013 Newsletter

Dear Valued Customer,

The Christmas season can be filled with great times, great friends, and great presents, but it can also be very stressful. We would like to put the fun and festive into Christmas and take the stress out by providing you with some nutrition tips and gift ideas.

All the staff at Back on Track would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas!!
Christmas Hours:
We will be closed from Sunday, December 22nd to Sunday, December 29th inclusive.
Please make sure to plan ahead and see us before the 22nd!

Person of Inspiration
Kristine Baans

The staff at Back on Track would like to commend and congratulate a fabulous individual who is mindful, willful and soulful: Kristine Baans.

Kristine is a FIT Metabolism client who has made many changes in her lifestyle and is presently reaping the rewards of her commitment. She has lost weight, changed her shape and incorporated health and exercise into her weekly routine. At Back on Track we are motivated and inspired by Kristine’s willingness to incorporate positive changes into her lifestyle. These changes were initially daunting, but Kristine persevered. Not keen on exercise at the start of her journey, Kristine is now making fitness a part of her weekly routine. She is always at class with a big smile on her face, and we love to hear her distinctive happy laugh!

She has made all these changes while switching careers. Many people would use this as an excuse to not start something new. Kristine has not put up road blocks to better health, she simply found an alternate route.

Staff picks for the BEST Christmas Gift!
Back on Track has something for everyone on your Christmas giving list!
  • Lilly recommends our Watuko Headgear – “Best headband EVER and the colors are terrific!”
  • Tricia thinks that “Best way to be taken away” is with a treatment on Neurospa. Relaxation at it’s finest!
  • Barb wears her Polar Heart Rate monitor when she works out. “Great training partner! Keeps you honest!”
  • Jeanette suggests the Reaction Skin Treatments. “Anything to make me look younger is the best gift!”
  • Jeanne has the perfect idea for somebody special. Microdermabrasion and Pevonia Gift sets. “A wonderful treatment for that someone special”
  • Tammy would suggest the gift of massage “Hands down my favorite gift”
  • Lisa recommends the Firmawear line “keep up your energy and your pain down with this great clothing line”
  • Denise says give the gift of fitness with our discounted fitness passes. “Perfect gift for the fitness & yoga enthusiast & everyone loves a great deal”

Tips to tackle the Holiday Temptations!

It’s that time of year again! The time of year where we get to eat and drink and be merry! But sometimes we let temptations get the best of us and end up regretting the choices we’ve made. We have some tips on how to enjoy the holiday season and still feel good about enjoying in the celebrations.

  1. Do some pre-holiday planning. Decide ahead of time how you will handle the different events of the season. For non-festive days, plan healthy meals, and get some exercise every day.
  2. Eat a snack before goint to a party. Have yogurt or fruit, a few crackers with low fat cheese, vegetables or a skim-milk latte – so hunger won’t rule your choices
  3. Indulge – moderately. No need to do without your favorite foods, just take small portions and eat slowly: that way you’ll eat less and savour more. A small taste can satisfy your craving.
  4.  Avoid guilty pleasures you can have anytime, such as chocolates or chips, and go with seasonal favorites such as run-drenched fruitcake. Enjoy, but keep your portions small.
  5.  If you bake cookies and squares in advance, freeze them so they are beyond the reach of temptation, and bring them out only when you need them. Make smaller cookies and cut squares into bit size pieces.
  6.  After the party, send leftovers home with friends, or package them into meals and freeze for later.
  7.  When it comes to beverages, watch those extra calories. Remember to use soda water or diet coke when available.

Happy Holidays and enjoy the festive season!!!

Exclusive to Back on Track!
We are continuously looking at bringing the community of Wood Buffalo state of the art practices. In the past few months we have trained, listened, studied, shadowed, questioned, and learned three progressive and innovative programs. Two are fitness and stretching related the other is diet and nutrition based.

 FitMetabolism  – Fusion isn’t just a culinary experience anymore. The Fit Fort McMurray weight loss and lifestyle method is a tailor made program that fuses science, real life and passion together. Personal change is a multi faceted long term process. The Fit program fuses science with real life and adds a copious amount of passion to inspire you to make those live long changes

 Moveball Fitness Class – is an exciting, innovative fitness training system for everyone. It’s a whole body cardiovascular and muscle conditioning workout that is extremely functional, time effective, and fun

Essentrics Fitness Class – In a nutshell The Essentrics™ workout is based on eccentric strengthening which stretches the muscles then strengthens them in the elongated position creating a lean toned body. Essentrics™ is intended to make the waist thinner, the stomach flatter, the legs leaner and the butt toned, leaving the entire body more flexible and agile.

Take advantage of these wonderful and exciting programs we have at Back on Track!

At Back on Track our goal is to be your one stop wellness shop! Please feel free to stop by and talk to us about any of your fitness and wellness goals, we would be more than happy to help.
Barb Henning
Back on Track with Barb