Had a wonderful experience today at Layers Wellness & Spa. My granddaughter who turned 6 today and I booked pedicures together. The staff were terrific. They even put a little surprise bag together for her with a Happy Birthday card. It was my first time here and I will certainly be back.


I love every time I get to make an appointment at Layers for all my relaxation requirements. I am happy and content every time I leave. Thank you for the amazing customer service and beautiful environment. Yesterday was the first time I have bought product though, I got the citrus kiss sugar scrub and OMG it is the best scrub I’ve ever used! I am getting knee surgery this week and thought well I’ll shower with it before I go, it is so amazing on the skin and smells like heaven. Thank you again for providing a true place of content relaxation.


I would like to recommend my friends and colleagues to experience a HydraFacial at Layers Spa in Fort McMurray. I found it to be a non-invasive treatment that completely hydrated and cleansed my skin. I feel that my fine lines and wrinkles have evened out with no discomfort and I noticed a difference immediately.

My esthetician was very knowledgeable about this service. As I had lots of questions, she made me feel at ease so I could enjoy this facial treatment. Thank you Maltee!


I am so grateful for Imagine Laserworks. My thought of quitting smoking was always fearful to me because I never wanted to fail. However, my first consultation with Jennifer Burt certainly made that fear go away. The comfort and support she showed me was amazing.

My first treatment was the best thing I ever did for myself. I was a smoker of 32 years. I walked into Layers Wellness and in 1 hour, I walked out a non smoker and still going strong. It is so hard to believe but so true.

I remember telling Jenn I wanted to go to sleep and wake up a non smoker. Here we are 143 days later and I am still a non smoker. I am so proud of myself and again very grateful for the support from Layers Wellness.


Layers… where do I begin on this absolutely amazing spa! I’ve had some of the most luxurious services here. The pedicures are an absolute dream, the facials are like being in heaven, and not to mention my outstanding manicure!

Let me tell you, I am not very delicate with my hands; this manicure and polish has lasted weeks! I cannot believe it. The products I’ve been cleaning with and all the scrubbing… please tell me how my most beautiful nail polish has survived. Vacation for weeks, and my polish still looks top notch, even after a few dips in the lake. My lashes have survived, too!

I’m at a loss for words to describe how impressed I am with this luxury spa. Thank you to all the Layers staff who have made me feel like a queen. Each and every time I come in I leave feeling refreshed, spoiled, rested and ready to conquer the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You don’t just provide a service – you provide much, much more.


Using the Ideal Protein program, I lost 120 lbs in total and have managed to keep it off for over a year. Looking back at a photo from before my weight loss, it is hard to believe. I also got abdominoplasty surgery to remove the excess skin; the results are great.

Maybe you could share my story with someone currently struggling. Everything in this world is possible. You just need to keep focus on your goals and work through the pain. If someone really wants to make change and believe in themselves, they will definitely succeed.

Thank you Barb for your part in my journey to a healthy lifestyle. It didn’t just change what I was physically capable of, but completely changed my life. I am happy and confident again. Thank you for showing me what I am capable of.


After recently losing my father and other personal tragedies, I was feeling depressed and hopeless. I decided that I needed to make some positive changes in my life. I was feeling very tired, and felt that this was partly due to my weight.

I started the Ideal Protein diet and I started to see the weight coming off! This program felt easy to follow, and I was motivated to keep focused because I was accountable to my coaches at Layers. The program itself is very convenient, and I enjoy the large variety of foods available. After 10 months of Ideal Protein, I am down a total of 90 lbs! I feel like I have come out of my shell; I am more outgoing and social, and happier with my new positive outlook on life. I realize that I must continue to be mindful about my wellness for the rest of my life, and I am now enjoying regular exercise and cooking healthier, smaller meals.


For the past 20-25 years, I’ve been struggling with my weight and fitness, as well as energy and motivation. I was in a constant self-perpetuating cycle consisting of eating, no physical activity, being overweight and being too tired to exercise. Finally, I was forced to get serious about my weight and lifestyle.

I’ve tried every diet and weight loss gimmick that promises an easy way to lose weight. My lovely wife found Barb Henning and the Ideal Protein weight loss program. I had my first meeting with Barb and weighed in at 197 lbs, with a goal of reaching 155 lbs. By about week 18, I had reached that goal and moved on to Phase 2 of the protocol.

What finally made the difference for me? The fact that I hit rock bottom, and that the science related to this program really makes sense and works. More importantly, it was Barb Henning: her guidance and encouragement during weekly “check-ins,” keeping me focused and accountable. She knows and represents this program very well. She is dedicated and genuinely interested in the success of her clients. Barb has used this program herself, so she knows what you are going through.

Like any weight loss program, it takes some dedication. But it works! I’m 42 lbs lighter and 9 inches thinner around my waist. I’m motivated, have the energy to exercise regularly and feel great about myself. Many thanks to Barb Henning!