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Imagine Laserworks is now becoming the first line of attack in helping to control over 160 health problems. These issues include addiction to nicotine, drugs, or alcohol, managing weight, severe or chronic pain, stress, and sleep disorders. By combining the ancient principles of acupuncture with the modern technology of Low-Level Laser Therapy, we provide an advanced form of health care for the new millennium.

First, you need to be truly committed to stopping your addiction. Second, you need to stop the abusive substance or substances.

However, these initial steps to addiction recovery leave a void that must be filled before you can learn new ways to deal with life. This is where Imagine Laserworks comes in, as it is very effective in treating the physical dependence and withdrawal. Additionally, safe, natural nutritional supplements will relieve your body of harmful toxins and help repair the damage. As a bonus, these nutrients will aid in calming you down and promoting restful sleep. Consequently, this will assist you in having a clear mind and being free to focus on your recovery.

The Imagine Laserworks process:

safe, comfortable, and effective

  • Overcome Dependency

    Deal with your physical dependency and withdrawal symptoms by using low level laser on energy points (acupuncture) on the ears, fingers, wrists and feet.

  • Detox & Repair

    Detoxify and repair your body with nutritional supplements, herbs and exercise to help you with healthy ways to cope with life and keep you on track – otherwise known as behavior modification.

Quit Smoking

  • Quit smoking in less than an hour!
  • With a remarkable 95% success rate, this process has successfully assisted thousands of people in overcoming smoking.
  • Imagine Laserworks, a business with eight years of experience, has established a coast-to-coast presence in Canada, boasting 62 locations worldwide and an online presence on Facebook.
  • Allow us to support you, your friends, and loved ones on the journey to enjoy a life free from nicotine!

Lose Weight

  • The Imagine Laserworks process will replace the physical need, alleviating physical cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
  • Moreover, it will detoxify and repair your body as it heals. Additionally, you will learn new ways to cope with everyday stress and anxiety.
  • Furthermore, this treatment will assist you in changing and avoiding the environment and people who encourage your addiction or habit to persist.
  • The pounds and inches will take care of themselves!

Overcome Addictions

  • Imagine Laserworks is helpful in fighting off various addictions, spanning from alcohol to food.
  • Furthermore, the process can speed up your metabolism and act as an appetite suppressant, assisting in controlling hunger cravings.
  • Additionally, it will increase your endorphin levels and balance your hormones.


Quit Smoking

Lose Weight

Quit Smoking


from our guests

Super friendly staff
Super clean salon/spa
Very positive environment
Very thorough instructions/description of the process
I believe that the laser acupuncture has eliminated my cravings just like I was told it would. So overall a genuine experience that I will for sure recommend to any and every smoker I know that wants to or is thinking about quitting. Thank you for helping me change my life for the better

Literally from the first zap of the infrared laser i could feel the effects of it working (smoking and vaping treatment) highly recommend if you’re ready to quit smoking as this will help!

Jelisa was easy to talk to and really knowledgeable, seek her out for sure!

The warmth of the welcome, the experience of my service provider, her expansive knowledge and genuine desire to help. It wasn’t about the money. I am new to fort mcmurray and I felt very welcomed.

Simply the price was excellent follow up is 👌 the girls are very good at their job and gives me encouragement

Staff was very friendly atmosphere was very calming shop was clean and the treatment seems to be working very well.

Informative. Relaxing. Personable. Look forward to next session.