Welcome to the NueroSpa Exeperience

Exclusive NeuroSpa Experience

Our NeuroSpa chairs elevate the Layers experience. Exclusive to Layers and patented worldwide, the NeuroSpa chair is the premier therapeutic relaxation device, allowing one to reach a state of complete mental and physical wellbeing.

Developed by GSS Labs in Montreal, it directly stimulates the nervous system with a symphony of pleasant and calming vibrations, synchronized with captivating music.  You’ll experience a moment of total escape. After one session, your accumulated stress will have disappeared to make way for true wellness.

Thirty minutes in this zero-gravity chair is equivalent to eight to twelve hours of rest. We are the only Spa in the world delivering pedicures on this chair and have exclusive rights with GSS Labs to this chair. We also offer a complimentary NeuroSpa experience to all guests receiving other services.

Health Benefits of a NeuroSpa Session

Neutralizes stress & anxiety

Deeply relaxes the body

Provides a sense of well being

Regulates blood pressure

Improve sleep & eliminate fatigue

Relieves chronic pain

Reduces back pain

Reduces arthritic pain