Try a Jurlique Facial at Home

Just because we’re stuck at home doesn’t mean that your skin can’t receive its regular pampering! Since we’re currently delivering Jurlique skincare products, we figured we’d show you exactly how you can replicate a Signature Facial at home.

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Jurlique Home Facial Guide



This step thoroughly dissolves surface impurities such as dirt, oil and makeup.

PRODUCTS: Nourishing Cleansing Oil

DIRECTIONS: Massage Nourishing Cleansing Oil into dry skin with a circular motion then emulsify with water and rinse.

TIPS, TRICKS + TOOLS: Tools such as soft facial brushes or (ultra-sonic) silicone scrubbers can be used to enhance the first or second cleansing.



The second cleanse ensures that no traces of makeup or impurities remain before treatment begins.

PRODUCTS: Radiant Skin Foaming Cleanser, Replenishing Cleansing Lotion, Revitalizing Cleansing Gel or Nutri-Define Cleansing Foam

DIRECTIONS: Using approx. a dime-size amount, work into the skin, adding water to emulsify. Massage into the skin with a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly.

TIPS, TRICKS + TOOLS: When doing a “home facial” treatment, pay attention to areas that are often neglected in your daily home care, such as: the ears, the hairline, the neck (front and back) shoulders and décolleté.



Exfoliation helps remove dead surface cells, which stimulates cellular renewal and improves skin texture.

PRODUCTS: Purely Age Defying Refining Treatment, Daily Exfoliating Cream or Fruit Enzyme Exfoliator

DIRECTIONS: Apply mechanical exfoliants (those with a granular texture) as a paste. Massage onto clean, damp skin. Rinse with warm water.

TIPS, TRICKS + TOOLS: It is not unusual for estheticians to recommend more than one exfoliant, as the different types have different benefits and effects on the skin.



Mists are proven hydration boosters that also provide a blissful aromatherapy-like experience.

PRODUCTS: Rosewater Balancing Mist, Sweet Violet/Grapefruit Hydrating Mist or Lavender Hydrating Mist

DIRECTIONS: Close eyes and gently mist the face with 3-4 pumps, after cleansing to refresh and calm skin before and after exfoliation.

TIPS, TRICKS + TOOLS: Apply anytime throughout the day for a refreshing boost of hydration. Great finishing product to set make-up. Store in the refrigerator during warmer months for a refreshing treat.



Massage relaxes facial muscles, improves circulation, reduces puffiness and helps product penetrate.

PRODUCTS: Skin Balancing Face Oil or Purely Age Defying Skin Firming Face Oil

DIRECTIONS: Self-massage guidance can be found in abundance on the internet, like this short video by Shiseido.

TIPS, TRICKS + TOOLS: If you have a home massage, or cupping tool, use it to smooth lined areas, wrinkles and around the lips. Follow with a “lip mask” using your eye cream of choice and “cup” lips again after masking.



Masks offer an intensive treatment for the skin to help address undesirable conditions such as: dryness, oiliness, and irritation.

PRODUCTS: Choose your favourite Jurlique mask!

DIRECTIONS: Apply the mask for 10 minutes. Remove with damp cotton pads or washcloth. Removal of clay-based masks may be easier in the shower. Let the mask steam 2 min. before removing.

TIPS, TRICKS + TOOLS: While your mask is processing, this is a great time to give your hands and feet the same treatment. Exfoliants for the face are great for the hands. Slather on your favourite Jurlique hand cream and place your hands in a plastic bag while you relax.



Activating Water Essence acts as a conditioner and booster for all products.

PRODUCTS: Activating Water Essence

DIRECTIONS: Apply prior to serum with a pressing and smoothing motion.

TIPS, TRICKS + TOOLS: AWE helps serums and moisturizers spread more evenly, or you can add it to masks for a smoother application.



The concentrated “power piece”, serums produce the most visible results.

PRODUCTS: Rare Rose Serum, Herbal Recovery Signature Serum or Nutri-Define Supreme Rejuvenating Serum

DIRECTIONS: Apply with a pressing and smoothing motion.

TIPS, TRICKS + TOOLS: Serums formulas offer a different molecular weight so, for best results, take the time to apply your serum as s separate step before your moisturizer.



Provides specific care for delicate, sensitive eye area.

PRODUCTS: Herbal Recovery Eye Cream or Nutri-Define Eye Contour Balm

DIRECTIONS: Using the ring finger (for less pressure), apply to the eye area with a light pressing motion.

TIPS, TRICKS + TOOLS: A “grain of rice” is the suggested amount. Don’t dip fingers & close jar securely to keep product fresh.



The cornerstone of daily home care to help prevent dehydration—considered the primary cause of most skin disorders.

PRODUCTS: Rare Rose Lotion/Cream/Gel Cream, Herbal Recovery Lotion/Cream, or Nutri-Define Rich Restorative Cream/Light Cream

DIRECTIONS: Warming the product in your hands allows for smoother spreading and reduces tendency to over-apply. Pressing (not rubbing) is best especially for sensitive skin types.

TIPS, TRICKS + TOOLS: Moisturizers are complex formulas that, when chosen carefully, can help address multiple conditions. Your esthetician may ask you to try more than one formula and share your results, in order to determine what works best for your skin.