Why Daily Sunscreen Is So Important

More and more, we’re hearing about the importance of sunscreen. Why is it so important? SPF protects the skin from photo-damage resulting from potentially damaging ultraviolet light rays. 

What are the damaging UV Rays?

UVA rays are the longest wavelength of the UV light spectrum. It’s also called the AGING ray, as it’s responsible for damaging collagen and elastin. Typical exposure is from tanning beds. UVB rays, often called the BURNING ray, are most associated with sunburns. Both UVA and UVB cause skin cancers. 

It’s important to strike a delicate balance with sun exposure. Remember: tanned skin is damaged skin. Tanning will eventually cause photo-aging (premature aging due to sun exposure) and irreversible damage to the skin’s collagen-building properties.

What are the different types of sunscreen?

Chemical sunscreen is made up of organic compounds that chemically absorb ultraviolet radiation (UV rays). On the other hand, physical sunscreen contains inorganic compounds that reflect or scatter UV radiation. This type of sunscreen is usually known to create white film due to titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. 

So, why should I include sunscreen in my daily skincare routine?

Approximately 80% of premature aging is caused by the sun. At least 70% of solar damage result from incidental light exposure, not sunbathing.

This is why the use of SPF daily is important, even if it’s not sunny or you’re not outside often throughout the day. UVA rays can come in through clouds and windows; the rays are even stronger through glass. For optimal protection, the standard daily wear sun protection factor is at least 30+ SPF. 

SPF is especially important for those receiving skin treatments, such as HydraFacials, chemical peels or laser, as these treatments heal and rejuvenate the skin, thus needing further protection. Wearing sunscreen will sustain the results gained from said treatments and will prevent further solar damage.

If you’re looking for the perfect daily sunscreen, here are our recommendations from Image Skincare.

image skincare daily hydrating moisturizer sunscreen 30 spf

This lightweight daily moisturizer provides pure physical UVA/UVB broad-spectrum sun protection with time released hydration and DNA protection complex. This sunscreen is great for dry/dehydrated, sensitive or redness prone skin.

image skincare daily matte moisturizer sunscreen 32 spf

This new generation, oil-free daily moisturizer with broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection incorporates micro-sponge technology to absorb surface oils and leave the skin with a clean, matte finish. Perfect as a makeup primer. Great for combination, oily, acne prone, or anyone desiring matte, shine-free complexion.

image skincare daily tinted moisturizer sunscreen 30 spf

The daily tinted moisturizer provides pure physical UVA/ UVB broad-spectrum sun protection, leaving the skin with a healthy, even toned glow. Great for all skin types or those with uneven skin tone and colour.

Ultimate Protection Moisturizer SPF 50

Will be back in stock soon!

image skincare daily ultimate protection moisturizer sunscreen 50 spf

This cosmetically elegant daily moisturizer provides the highest available SPF 50 broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection with plant-derived stem cells. Great for all skin types, post treatment skin or for sports and outdoor activities for the highest level of protection.